Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sharing costume?

If you are a production or professional show dancer Im sure you already have gotten use to sharing costumes here is a great tip especially when sharing head pieces. When you are performing you cant help but sweat there are lights shining on you and your having quick changes, costumes every where its at times madness. Many of my fellow dancers have experienced when sharing costumes especially head pieces because of the pesperation of the previous user the girls would sometimes get pimples on their foreheads or even if the head pieces are to tight or to heavy you get a unsightly red mark on your forehead for the rest of the show. Here's the tip buy a box of thin light days pads they are disposable and tiny so they fit on the front rim of your head piece plus it sticks so you dont need to tape or worry about it moving once your done throw it away =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frequently asked questions "What materials should I use in my hip belt? any suggestions?"

When asked to do custom orders I get this question frequently. "I want to have a custom hip hei (hip belt) done, Do you have any suggestions on what I should choose to have in it? I want it to be original."

The answer to this question will differ from one person to the next, But I will say this if you are dancing to a particular song and you know the songs meaning try to have your costume match it. For example: if you are dancing an aparima about the Ocean "Te Tai" you'd might want to embellish your costume with mother of pearl shells, dovetail shells, Nassa shells ,etc. Things representing the sea if you do not have access to these items choose ocean colors blues, greens and white.

If you are dancing an Otea and your hura tau or your group is going with a theme, For example "celebrating life" what items or colors do you think about when you imagine life? Now this will also differ from person to person so I'll give you my opinion on what items I would use if I used "celebrating life" as a theme for a costume. When I think about life I think of the land, trees, earth when choosing your costumes components I would use ti leafs, coconut leaves, real flowers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

As far as being original, If you like a design that's great take that design and make it your own. Switch thing's around use different materials experiment. Don't be afraid to try something new or different being original means thinking outside of the box, If your having trouble designing something and your stuck, Step away from your work, Take a walk, go to the beach, drive to get a snack to help you relax. Some of my best ideas come to me when I'm in my most relaxed state you'll find you'll never get any where if you just stress over it.

A good thing to remember is when your dancing your usually telling a story let your costume help you tell that story.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tip of The Month....

Every month I will try to include tips for dancers or mothers of dancers to make their lives a little easier when it comes to performing, shows and costumes =)

This Tip of the month is a tip that is GREAT for you vahine's that use cellophane skirts in some performances or numbers.

Cellophane skirts look great on stage they shake easily (making your shake look bigger *wink) AND they are light weight a lot lighter then a regular more. BUT for the dancers that use them frequently you will know cellophane skirt strands love to stick to your body/skin. I use to hate when my cellophane skirt would stick to me after or during a performance. SO for those of you that may not know, Here is the TIP be sure to pack a small bottle of baby powder in your show bag. If you sprinkle some baby powder on your legs before you start dancing you wont have the "sticky" problem as much as you would if you didn't have any powder on. Once the performance is over you can also sprinkle some on again when you are taking your skirt off so you don't cause any strands to break off the skirt it self which sometimes can happen ESPECIALLY during a quick change.

Competition Season

Ia Orana Everyone,

Competition season is upon us, And one new Heiva happening in Las vegas "Ori Tahiti Las Vegas 2011" is one Heiva that is allowing hip heis to be worn during soloist numbers. I for one am looking forward to seeing the creativity of the hip heis the soloist's will be wearing on competition day. If you are a frequent goer of Heiva's or Tahiti fete's you will know that most Heiva's do not allow Hip Hei's or any Hip adornment other then a pareo or sometimes a more skirt. People say that it matters not what a dancer is wearing but only the way she dances and carries herself while performing. I do agree with this statement BUT I must admit I do very much enjoy seeing the variety of different costumes hip heis or Hei Upo'os the dancers where at the Fete's.

I must add to see full rules and regulations for this Heiva please see their website for more details I believe there is a maximum of 5 inches on the hip hei you are allowed to wear during your solo entry but I would definitely contact the Heiva planner if you have questions regarding the soloist costume, You wouldn't want to wait til the day of and then get points deducted because your costume does not meet the rules or regulations of the fete.

**disclaimer I am not a sponsor nor apart of this event however I will most likely be attending as a spectator of this event no copyright or infringement intended**